The 13th Chronicle

sound design for Butoh performance

Premiered June 1, 2023, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Soundwalks, voice, and electronics come together in this partially live, partially fixed media sound score composed for collaborator Salome Nieto’s Butoh work “The 13th Chronicle”.

Concept, choreography and performance: Salome Nieto
Artistic collaboration and performance: Barbara Bourget, Nicole Dreher, Lauren Hun, Kaitlyn La Vigne, Jami Reimer, Krystal Tsai, Anna Wang-Albini
Special guest: Leonor Martinez Garcia
Soundscape and voice: Jami Reimer
Lighting design: Philip Birkby
Video design: Alberto Renteria Ibarra (Mexico)
Graphic design: Carl Craig
Costume design: Katherine Soucie (London)
Technical Director and Stage Manager: Anthony Trombetta
Stage Managers: Bernice Paet and Maddy Woodley
Puppet Design: Liz Oakley

Photos by Carl Craig